Top 10 Business Ethics Topics for Research Paper

If you are looking for business ethics topics for research paper coursework, then you have come to the right place. This article offers advice on business ethics research paper topics, followed by a few direct examples of topics you can pick from. Though, you should probably change them a little in case other people see the same topics and use them.

The List of Suggested Business Ethics Research Paper Topics

Below is the raw list of topics for business ethics research paper. They are pretty randomized and fairly diverse. Try to aim for issues that are pretty recent without being overdone. For example, a country being bankrupt by sketchy retirement pension payments or too much borrowing may be relevant and modern. However, too much borrowing within a single company may be overdone, even if it is currently in the news right now.

business ethics topics for research paper
  1. Approaches for ensuring that ethics are adopted by an organization and that they effectively reflect the reality of the business world.
  2. How the impact of a company’s environmental management affects customer trust and loyalty.
  3. The types of ethical dilemmas that business enterprises face while making decisions in our modern era.
  4. Understanding modern codes of ethics for businesses from a manager’s perspective.
  5. The utility of business ethics theory taught in higher learning.
  6. The modern role of business ethics in usable interaction between society and business organizations.
  7. Analysis of different challenges that business enterprises face while making ethical decisions.
  8. The corporate nature of criminal conduct within a modern business workplace.
  9. The effective application of business ethics within the US stock exchange.
  10. Examinations on ethics in the prevention and management of conflicts within business environments.

These are just some business ethics research paper topics that you probably shouldn’t copy verbatim. Try to put your own spin on them. Find topics that are relatively easy for you to write about. Take a look online to see if there is plenty of research you can harvest. Some of the more exciting topics may seem like a slam dunk win, but if you can’t find relevant and provable resources, then your great idea will not result in a great grade for your paper.

The Correct Research

When you are looking for business ethics topics for research paper coursework, try to pick a topic that has plenty of research out there that you can use. Perhaps more importantly, aim for topics that you already sort of know. The purpose of your research papers is supposed to be to learn about different things and expand your knowledge, and this would be fine, except that they grade you on those papers. If you want a good grade, then stay in your comfort area, pick topics you already know, and play it safe.

Do a Quick Outline Before Choosing

When you pick your business ethics research paper topics, your professor often wants to check (vet) your topic choice. This is done for a variety of reasons, mostly because some topics are too difficult to score highly on. If you want to check this for yourself, then do a quick outline for your topic. If you are really having trouble cobbling some ideas together, then you will probably struggle with your topic.

Pander To Your Professor

If your professor is a left-leaning fop who boasts about all her black friends without ever being seen with them, then write something about race and throw in all the Twitter-fodder you can muster (in an academic way of course). If your professor is a right-wing logician, then pretend you are Spok from Star Trek, and write the sort of topic you think he would write. Business ethics topics for research paper coursework need to be picked diplomatically. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to pander to your teacher’s ego, but this is the real world, so fluff your professor’s ego with your topics and get a better grade.

Don’t Be Original

This may sound like bad advice for your choice of business ethics topics for research paper, but you need to know more about business ethics. Also, don’t hesitate to ask any professor or TA, and they will all cite two examples of what happens when students try to be original with their topics. Either the topic is so original that there is no research or studies out there about it so they can’t get a high grade. Or, more commonly, the “Original” idea is about as original as laces in shoes and the original “Topic” has already been covered by legions of eagerly deluded students before you. If you want to be original, then be original with your intellect and critical thinking, not with your topics.