The Most Popular Book Review Templates

the most popular book review templates

Why would somebody create a book review template? Shouldn’t a book review come from the mind? Shouldn’t a student know how to create a book review as organically and easily as running a bath? The reason why people create book review templates has nothing to do with intelligence, academic integrity, or learning ability. People create … Read more

Is it Reliable to Use Dissertation Consulting Services

is it reliable to use dissertation consulting services

You can bet your bottom dollar that it is reliable to use dissertation consulting services. In fact, in this day and age, it is the students who are “Not” getting dissertation consulting service help who are the ones who are suffering. We have created an educational culture that rewards grades and scores above all else, … Read more

Benefits of STEAM Education

What are the benefits of STEAM education

Ever wondered about the benefits of STEAM education? There are plenty of articles online asking, “What are the benefits of STEAM education?” after which they go into convoluted explanations that are mostly meaningless outside a teaching theory class. This article tries to keep it simple. Here are the benefits of STEAM education. What is STEAM … Read more

Research Proposal: Examples and Methodology

research proposal examples and methodology

Do not worry too much about following a research proposal template. Simply use one of the research proposal examples given in this article, and then create your own. A research proposal template is not really a guide, it is something to inspire you. Once you get the gist of what is needed, you will often … Read more

How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper?

how to write an abstract for a research paper

An abstract is a short summary or short description of your research paper. Usually, it’s length is from 5 to 8 sentences. So, let’s discuss how to write an abstract for a research paper and what its main purposes are. The main purposes of an abstract Writing your abstract research paper section can sometimes be … Read more

What is a Case Control Study

case control study

A case control study is a type of observational study where two existing groups with different outcome are compared on the basis of a causal attribute. This is a very broad definition because sometimes we discover that the casual attribute has no relation at all after the study is complete, and sometimes we discover that … Read more

Best 50 Research Paper Topics

best 50 research paper topics

If you are looking for topics for research paper coursework, then you have come to the right place. This article offers advice on the best research paper topics, followed by a few direct examples of topics you can pick from. Though, you should probably change them a little in case other people see the same … Read more

How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

how to write dissertation proposal

Want to know how to write dissertation proposal, read on for a crash course in dissertation proposal writing. The point of your dissertation proposal is to show off your idea. It is to show that there is sufficient information existing in the world to help make your dissertation successful, and it shows that you have … Read more

Essay vs Research Paper – Main Differences

essay vs research paper main differences

Perhaps the biggest difference in the essay vs research paper conversation is that a research paper is a little less flexible. You can write essays in a wide variety of ways, from argumentative essays to narrative essays, whereas research papers have far fewer types. Is it a case of research paper vs essay? Not really, … Read more

What is a Dissertation Defense?

what is a dissertation defense

This article offers you a little advice on how to prepare for dissertation defense, but it mostly focuses on the question: what is a dissertation defense? Even people who know what it is are not correct on how it functions as part of the academic learning process. This article tries to clear up a few … Read more